The 4th International Scientific Conference “Language in the coordinates of the mass media and law”, St. Petersburg, 23-27 June, 2020

St. Petersburg State University ("Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communication" Institute) and Media Linguistic Commission at the International Slavic Committee invite you to take part in the 4th International Scientific Conference “Language in the coordinates of the mass media and law”, which will be held in St. Petersburg State University at 23-27 June, 2020.

The conference is aimed at attracting the attention of researchers, teachers, and students to the functioning of the Russian language in the media as a means of expressing Russian statehood and citizenship; updating professional contacts, cooperation in research and professional activities, support for professional, journalistic and scientific communication related to the functioning of the language in the media space.

The conference focuses on current state and perspectives of the research, dedicated to the functioning of the language in mass media.

Main thematic fields for discussion:

1. Media speech grammar: dynamics of verbal and non-verbal resources.

2. Media stylistics:

- composition forms of media speech,

- stylistic innovations in network communications,

- comic media speech.

3. Linguistic media discourse study:

- the semantic and linguistic structure of media discourse,

- professional types of media discourse,

- social values in the axiological sphere of modern media discourse,

- interdiscursivity of media speech.

4. Critique of media speech:

- literary editing,

- linguistic expert practice,

- linguopraxeological norms of media speech,

- legal and ethical regulation of media professional speech behavior.

Within the framework of the conference, round tables, panel discussions and workshops will be held.

The working program of the conference:

23.06.2020 - Arrival of the conferees.

14:00 – Meeting of the Presidium of Media Linguistics Commission at the International Committee of Slavists.


9:00-10:00 – Registration of the conferees.

10:00-13:00 – Opening of the conference, plenary session.

14:00-18:00 – Panel discussions, round tables.


11:00-13:00 – Panel discussions, round tables.

14:00-17:00 – Panel discussions, round tables.


11:00-13:00 – Workshops.

14:00-17:00 – Workshops.


11:00-13:00 – Closing of the conference, plenary session.

Conference languages: Russian, English and Slavic languages.



The details are in the attached file.

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