Second Scientific Seminar “Language in the media”

декабря 18, 2018

UntitledThe second scientific seminar “Language in the media” took place on 7 December at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. It was co-organized by members of the Bureau of Media Linguistic Commission to the International Committee of Slavists: Doctor of Science, Professor Danuta Kępa-Figura (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University): and Vice-rector of the Pedagogical University of Cracow on organizing the educational process, Doctor of Science, Professor Bogusław Skowronek.

The presentation on “Automatic analysis of argumentation in social media” was prepared by researchers from the University of Economics in Katowice: Doctor of Science, Professor Jerzy Gołuchowski; Barbara Filipczyk Ph. D; and Dorota Marquardt Ph. D. Krzysztof Kaszewski Ph. D (Warsaw University) prepared presentation on the topic “Language elements of self-promotion in press, radio and television news reports”. Doctor of Science, Professor Bogusław Skowronek (Pedagogical University of Cracow) gave a presentation entitled “Language of cinema: Medialingwistical approach”. Joanna Szyłko-Kwas Ph. D from Warsaw University made a presentation on a subject of “Press photo as a journalistic statement: the genre problem”.

The participants of the seminar “Language in the media” were: Doctor of Science, Professor Katarzyna Skowronek; Doctor of Science, Professor Anna Dunin-Dudkowska (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University); Doctor of Science, Professor Izabela Janicka (Poznan University of Economics and Business); Doctor of Science, Professor Danuta Kępa-Figura (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University); Doctor of Science, Professor Marysia Krauz (University of Rzeszów); Doctor of Science, Professor Beata Grochala-Woźniak (University of Łódź); Doctor of Science Wioletta Kochmańska (University of Rzeszów); Doctor of Science Agata Małyska (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University); Doctor of Science Magdalena Trysińska (Warsaw University); Anna Granat Ph. D (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University); Bartosz Hordecki Ph. D (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań); Katarzyna Maciejak Ph. D (Warsaw University); Magdalena Pataj Ph. D (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University); Magdalena Ślawska Ph. D (University of Silesia); doctorate student Alena Podviazkina (Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University).

UntitledThe first scientific seminar on the language of mass media was held on July 4, 2018 at Maria Curie-Skłodoswka University in Lublin. At the summer meeting Polish media linguists discussed the following issues: metonymy in the media language; the categories of relevance and perceivability in the space of modern reflection on the media language; media linguistics from the perspective of pragmatics; the results of the study of the perception of media texts; the genealogical competence of journalists of print media; and media linguistic categories in school education.

The organizers of the seminar “Language in the media” plan to make it a regular event, as such a meeting is an opportunity for unlimited exchange of comments and suggestions on the current issues of media linguistics. The next seminar will be held at the end of the academic year at the University of Warsaw.

Alena Podviazkina

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